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April 30, 2021 Safely Disposing of Creative Packaging Gel Packs

Creative Packaging manufactures gel packs that are built to last and are even able to be reused. However, if the time comes where you would like to safely dispose of Creative Packaging gel packs, see below for the following instructions.


With our USDA BioPreferred Certification, we consider this to be the most eco-friendly drain-safe gel pack on the market. Made with >99% water, BioDrain Gel Packs can be easily disposed of down the sink.

How to dispose:

You can discard down your kitchen sink. Ensure gel is fully thawed and carefully cut it open. You will need to turn on your HOT water to wash the gel down the drain. Turn on garbage disposal when washing contents down the sink. Once the gel has been discarded down the sink, throw away the #4 P.E sleeve in the regular trash or recycle it at many recycling centers across the country.

PacTemp / Traditional SAP Gel Pack

The ultimate in refrigerant gel packs! Whether it’s temperature-sensitive medication or at-home meal delivery food and product, PacTemp Gel Packs provide an exact, consistent temperature within your shipping container.

How to dispose:

We use a safe, non-toxic mixture to make the “gel” in the gel pack. To dispose and recycle gel packs, let the gel pack fully thaw and then carefully cut it open. Allow the liquid gel content to flow into a trash receptacle. Then throw away the #4 sleeve in the regular trash or recycle it at many recycling centers across the country.

If you have any other questions, contact us.

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