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May 7, 2021 Expanded Polystyrene at Creative Packaging

Creative Packaging might be known for our top-of-the-line gel packs, but did you know we also specialize in expanded polystyrene (EPS)? EPS can be used in multiple packaging applications, whether it be molded coolers, door cores, structured insulated panels and so much more. Creative Packaging can mold and fabricate EPS to keep medicine, food, and other temperature products cold during transit. EPS is an excellent protective packaging material for shipping goods. Its cushioning properties, lightweight, tested performance and ease of handling and storage are just a few benefits of using EPS.

Creative Packaging is also Underwriters Lab (UL) Certified, therefore, we can execute any 3-dimensional shape at different densities, slopes, curves and more. These EPS needs can be used as filler material and protective cushioning for your products.

Creative Packaging manufacturers many sizes of EPS Blocks, anywhere from 12’-18’. These blocks can be very easily cut and fabricated to achieve the needs of the desired application. Many customers purchase the whole blocks, while others need Creative Packaging to cut of fabricate the block.

Fabricated EPS foam packaging is the perfect solution to protect lower-volume items. With the use of our state-of-the-art CNC and precise wire cutting machines, EPS can cut and shaped into any form that your desire. Shape-cut fabricated foam packaging parts can then be glued to flat pads to form end caps or be laminated to other items.

Using our Shape Press machine, EPS can be molded into coolers or act as a protective shell to many items like electronics or consumer goods. Shape molded EPS products are extremely effective for high volume products.

Lastly, Creative Packaging has an adjustable EPS block mold which allows us to mold the most efficient yielding blocks for your project. Its precise shape conformance allows interior packaging components to hold products securely in place. Along with this, we can also offer precise shapes, end caps, box footers, foam blocks or spacers. This allows you to be at ease when protecting sensitive electronic components, consumer goods and even office equipment.

If you are interested in our EPS, please contact us today!

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