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Testing Services Case Study


A customer had a need for a shipper which could hold a payload within a refrigerated temperature range of 2- 8°C for a minimum of 72 hours. This would allow them to use the “ground service” from their logistic partner instead of two day service they currently must use.


The Creative Packaging Company team designed and manufactured a prototype of a packaging system to accomplish the 72 hour shipping goal. The packaging system included a pack out which utilized 11 lbs. of Creative ICE gel packs. The entire packaging system has a pre payload weight of seventeen pounds. This design keeps the air in the cooler at a lower temperature for an extended period of time.


The newly designed packaging system was tested against the ISTA 7E Summer Temperature Profile. The system held a simulated payload of 1,200 mL between 2-8°C for 72+ hours. The customer implemented the shipper into its delivery process and was able to reduce shipping costs by more than 18%. Many customers prefer this solution because the Creative Packaging 72 hour shipper is much more economical than most competitor offerings.

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