Creative Packaging specializes in expanded polystyrene (EPS), which is used in multiple packaging applications. EPS is an economical material that produces multiple benefits in packaging applications. Creative Packaging molds and fabricates EPS for filler material and protective cushioning for your products. We offer many different forms of EPS. We can cut and mold EPS into an infinite number of sizes & shapes. When you need corners, curves, slopes or 3-dimensional shapes at different densities, count on us. Creative Packaging is Underwriters Lab (UL) Certified.

Creative Packaging Company has an adjustable length EPS block mold which allows us to mold the most efficient yielding blocks for your project, providing you with an economical packaging component for your packaging project. Custom fabricated EPS interior packaging has been highly effective in protecting sensitive electronic components, consumer goods and office equipment. Its precise shape conformance allows interior packaging components to hold products snugly in place. The precise shapes, end caps, box footers, foam blocks or spacers will provide you with confidence that your contents will be completely protected.

Additional EPS Applications

Sustainability & Recycle

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