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PacTemp Cold Chain

The ever expanding pharmaceutical and life sciences cold chain market is forecast to grow by approximately 60% over the next five years. In addition, agricultural produce and seafood are highly susceptible to spoilage or becoming inconsumable to humans if not kept at certain temperatures. Properly designed and tested packaging can save these industries millions of dollars. EPS allows for a lightweight and economical choice to ensure that products do not succumb to high temperatures during transit. Using Creative Packaging’s PacTemp cold chain product line, allows customers to have peace-of-mind knowing their products are being shipped in industry leading, cold chain tested shipping containers.

Customers can consult with our experts to test or validate their existing packaging, or obtain results for a newly engineered packaging solution developed by our team. Creative Packaging Company owns a temperature/humidity controlled, 64 ft³ testing chamber in which we can simulate all ISTA temperature profiles or a customer designed custom temperature profile.

PacTemp Cold Chain Services


Consulting services are available to our customers to help develop and design the most economical solution for their temperature sensitive products. Our Cold Chain Specialists are trained to assist in the development of the perfect combination of PacTemp shipping container, either EPS molded or six-panel shipper, and PacTemp Creative ICE Gel Packs to meet the specific project goal. Our specialists can also help inform and educate all customers with respect to the most up to date information regarding industry temperature standards and profiles.


Depending upon the volume/product being shipped, our specialists will recommend one of our stocked EPS molded shippers or a custom designed six-panel shipper. Based upon the project goals, the specialists will also recommend the amount, condition and orientation of the necessary Creative ICE gel packs.


Samples of all stocked EPS molded shippers are available upon request. As a service to our customers, we also manufacture prototypes of the recommended six-panel shippers.


Creative Packaging’s PacTemp program delivers state-of-the-art cold chain manufacturing to suit your needs. Our processes allow for quick response times to meet the demands of today’s business climate. Beyond customization, we offer on-demand fulfillment, logistic support.

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