Custom Die Cut Boxes

Corrugated Products
About This Product

Creative Packaging can create a variety of custom Die Cut Boxes. Unlike a Traditional Stock Box, the custom Die Cut Box uses a special tool called a cutting die. This tool “stamps” out the custom design of the box needed by the customer. Creative Packaging offers flat bed, full and inline rotary die cuts in any shape or size. In addition, a new cutting die can be ordered to the suit the customer’s needs.

Die cutting is a special technique employed in crafting complicated shapes and designs. Flatbed or rotary press is used for die cutting corrugated fiberboard. Corrugated die cutting creates a one-piece design that can be folded flat and then formed to create a sturdy, durable carton.

Die cut corrugated boxes from Creative Packaging are strong, versatile packaging options that can be used to ship and store a wide variety of items. At Creative Packaging, we have the technology, backed by a talented team of design experts, to customize die-cut corrugated boxes that meet specific product and packaging needs.

Die cut boxes are used for packaging a variety of items. These boxes can be produced in any size and shape and, therefore, can be customized according to personal and professional specifications.