Custom Direct Printed Boxes

Corrugated Products
About This Product

Creative Packaging specializes in working with customers to determine exactly what needs to be printed on a requested box. This can range from a company’s name and logo to a picture of the product. Some customers need more than just the company name or logo on the box. They want a solution that can go to retail stores with a box that has print throughout. Creative Packaging can provide direct printing to allow for a wide variety of colors to be printed directly upon the box without the need of a label. The direct printing process is many times more value added alternative to the custom label process, and much faster. Many of these products end up on selves of retail stores or are directly shipped to the end-user.

Direct Printing is the most basic form of box printing, with 1-5 colors available. This process is perfect for your logo or simple art. This is the most commonly used process for printing on shipping boxes. This type of printing places the artwork directly on the corrugated board.  Direct printing is available in kraft or white.