PacTemp Case Study

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A company was distributing frozen pet food across the U. S. in a molded cooler. The company had a need to distribute a variety of payloads and wanted to reduce the amount of dry ice used in each shipment.


Creative Packaging designed a molded cooler tooling that would allow the production of three different volume coolers during each manufacturing cycle. The design included a 1.5” thick wall, 1.5 pcf EPS and two different depth buckets and lids. As a result, each manufacturing cycle produces a 15” x 12” x (8”, 10” & 12”) molded cooler.


The combination of increased wall thickness and density allowed the company to eliminate an outer corrugated box previously used with all shipments. In addition, Creative Packaging performed a test in its environmental simulation testing chamber which identified the company could reduce the amount of dry ice required per shipment from 9 lbs. to 5 lbs. and achieve the same delivery schedule. Between the elimination of the outer corrugated box and the reduced dry ice weight, the company was able to save more than 38% per shipment.