PacTemp Insulated Panel Container

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About This Product

The PacTempTM Insulated Panel Container is a six-sided insulation container, which offers customers a wide array of container size options. These containers are often custom ordered to suit a customer’s need. Panels can be sized to fit nearly any container shape or dimensions, and even cut to surround an entire pallet of product. EPS panel liners are often ideal for large and irregular sized payloads, especially if they are short-term projects that would be impossible or impractical to mold. Because the panels are generally shipped flat, they also tend to conserve on storage space. EPS liners can be custom fitted to an existing box already in use by a customer, or source and supply an entire system to suit a need.

The PacTemp Six Sided Insulated Panel EPS solution delivers cost-effective thermal insulation for a variety of temperature-controlled shipping requirements when paired with a PacTemp Creative ICE Gel Packs or a PacTemp Bricks. These PacTemp Insulated Containers are perfect for shipping temperature sensitive medication or fresh, live seafood.

Creative Packaging can create a pack-out to meet the customer’s cold chain needs and test the design in the Creative Packaging Testing Facility. This will ensure the pack-out meets the needs of the customer.

In addition, PacTemp Insulated Panel Containers can have custom printing on the exterior, allowing customers to make certain it is 100% tailored to their needs.