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EPS is an excellent protective packaging material for shipping goods. Benefits of EPS include its cushioning properties, being lightweight, tested performance, and ease of handling and storage. Various sizes and densities of EPS can also be used as spacers and protective packaging for a wide range of fragile and perishable products. Simple EPS parts can provide a permanent and economical solution, especially when volumes are small, or act as a temporary measure until longer-term resolutions can be devised. For more complex applications, these shapes can be incorporated with corrugated and other materials to form a comprehensive packaging design, or engineered as a singular solution.

With its exceptional versatility, packaging can be cut into any shape or size to suit even the most difficult packaging requirements – as intricately delicate or as large as you require. No tooling means it is ideal for low or high volume products.

Creative Packaging has different options for Protective Packaging EPS. Using knowledge from many different industries, the experts at Creative Packaging can ensure that your products arrive to their destination unharmed and undamaged.