All of Your Corrugated Needs Can Be Met with Us

16 Oct All of Your Corrugated Needs Can Be Met with Us

Custom Boxes
Creative Packaging offers custom boxes in kraft or white. Our custom boxes can be made from single wall corrugated, double wall corrugated, or even triple wall corrugate.

Custom Direct Printed Boxes
Direct Printing places the artwork directly on the corrugated board, with 1-5 colors available, This process is perfect for your logo or simple art. This is the most used process for printing on shipping boxes.

Corrugated Pads
Creative Packaging can make small, medium, and large corrugated pads for many different uses. Pads are available in single wall, double wall, and triple wall.

Custom Die Cut Boxes
Creative Packaging can create a variety of custom Die Cut Boxes to suit a customer’s specific needs. We have both a rotary die cutter and a flat die cutter to manufacture a wide variety of Die


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