Disposing of PacTemp Creative Ice Gel Packs

05 Jul Disposing of PacTemp Creative Ice Gel Packs

PacTemp™ Creative Ice gel packs are a top performing refrigerant helping food and medicine get from point A to point B within specified temperature ranges.  We get asked how to dispose of the gel pack once it is received.

First, customers can always reuse the gel packs themselves or can donate them to businesses.

Otherwise, the best way to dispose of the gel packs is to allow the gel pack to fully thaw.  Cut open the side and empty the gel into your waste receptacle.  Then you can recycle the film with other plastics.

We do not recommend putting the gel into your sink because it can further clog the pipes if there is a pre-existing clog.  In addition, if you have a septic tank, we would also not recommend that you put down your sink.  The best method for disposal is in your waste receptacle and recycle the film.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at ryan@creativepackagingco.com.

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