Disposing of Creative Ice and BioDrain Gel Packs

24 Jul Disposing of Creative Ice and BioDrain Gel Packs

Here at Creative Packaging, we build our gel packs to last. However, if you choose to discard the gel pack, we have made it easy for you to do so.

If it is the Original PacTemp™ or our newest generation of gel BioDrain™, follow these steps.

  • First, identify your gel pack.
  • Thaw completely.
  • Once wholly thawed using a pair of scissors (be careful), cut one corner of the gel pack bag.

If you have the PacTemp™ Gel Pack:

  • You can easily discard the contents in your trash bin.

If you have the BioDrain™ gel pack:

  • Made with biodegradable materials, you can safely discard down your kitchen sink. You will need to turn on your HOT water to wash it down the drain. Turn on garbage disposal when washing contents down sink.


This gel is non-toxic and will not harm you.

Lastly, all our gel pack bags are #4 Recyclable.  Rinse out any remaining gel and toss that in your Recycle container so we can make you another long-lasting gel pack.


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