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12 Feb Products We Love

With February being the month of “love”, what better way to celebrate than with some of our products we love at Creative Packaging.

Product: BioDrain™ Gel Pack

Why we love it:
This being the first and only gel pack that can be disposed down the sink safely, made with >99% water but still has the same functionality as our regular PacTemp gel packs. We love the biodegradable ingredients, drain safe function, and the elimination of millions of lbs. of gel getting thrown into a landfill. And even better, the film that is used to hold our BioDrain™ gel is recyclable!


Product: Traditional PacTemp Creative ICE Gel Pack

Why we love it:
This is the ultimate refrigerant for packaging and shipping cold chain products! With its long-lasting coldness, leak proof, reusable, variety of sizes, and extremely economical, what better and more trusted gel pack could you go with?
We love that this gel pack is specially formulated and long lasting made with non-toxic ingredients, while also being a great alternative to ice. This allows the extension in shipping times of perishable products by up to 72 hours!

*For instructions on how to dispose of our gel packs, please check out: Disposing of Creative Ice and BioDrain Gel Packs


Product: Corrugated Boxes

Why we love it:
We can manufacture custom boxes and scored sheets, we offer full range of custom sizes, types, styles, and print for any customers need. We can produce single wall, double wall, triple wall and heavy-duty laminated construction boxes.
This allows us to be able to service many different markets including food and beverage, consumer products, industrial and automotive industries. Even better, we can support small or large run qualities throughout a five-state region. We can deliver any packaging solutions!


Product: Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

Why we love it:
This is our specialty! Due to its economical material that generates multiple benefits, EPS is used in multiple packaging applications. We can cut and mold EPS into an infinite number of sizes and shapes to fit any customers need.
We can also fabricate EPS interior packaging with our adjustable length EPS block mold, which is highly effective in protecting sensitive electronic components, consumer goods and office equipment. We can make any shape or size you may need!


Products: Packaging Products

Why we love them:
Many of our customers may not know, but we also offer packaging products! We understand that there are more than just the big picture products, so we offer our customers a wide range of products like:
• Tape
• Stretch Film
• Banding Straps
• Poly Bags
• Kraft Paper
• Reinforcing Sealing Tape

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