Creative Packaging employs state-of-the-art software that provides a predictive thermal modeling of the performance of the cold-chain shipping container. In some cases, the use of the software helps minimize the design and prototype costs while shortening the project timeline of design through validation. Additionally, we own a custom designed 64 ft3 environmental simulation chamber. The chamber has a temperature range of -45° C to 190° C and a humidity range of 10%-98%, allowing it to simulate all nationally accepted temperature profiles or support a custom temperature profile. Thermocouples are utilized to record actual payload temperatures providing a very accurate result of the packaging system.


Following each design test in the chamber, customers receive a laboratory report that contains the test protocol and charted results. The simulated product temperatures are recorded every five minutes throughout the test, allowing the customer to review temperature swings within each hour. A 3-D illustration of the pack out instructions is also included in the report. These  illustrations can be used as training tools at all distribution centers or work stations.


Following the successful design testing, if a third party validation is required, Creative Packaging has ongoing relationships with laboratories that are either A2LA or ISTA certified.


As part of each Creative Packaging solution, we provide detailed pack-out instructions that ease in set-up and planning for internal process management. Each instruction page identifies the packing components, product placement and packing configurations required to meet validation specifications. Each pack-out instruction page is specifically designed for our customers’ applications.

Sample Qualification Report for CCC1 Cooler

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