Products For Days

Creative Packaging will develop and offer only the highest quality products and services in the protective packaging and temperature-controlled supply chain market at a competitive price. We will utilize our existing resources to become a leading manufacturer in our industry and expand our reach into new markets to deliver quality products and services.

Gel Packs

We offer gel pack refrigerants in standard and low sweat film, along with regular SAP gel, structured gel, and our new sink safe BioDrain™ gel pack, made with biodegradable ingredients.


Creative Packaging specializes in expanded polystyrene (EPS), which is used in multiple packaging applications. EPS is an economical material that produces multiple benefits in packaging applications.


Creative Packaging offers a variety of non-EPS, sustainable liner solutions for your cold chain needs. Our liners protect your temperature-controlled payload in a way that other liners cannot offer.


Creative Packaging also offers custom boxes and scored sheets. We offer a full range of custom sizes, types, styles, and print. We can manufacture single, double, triple wall and heavy duty laminated boxes.

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