Environmentally Friendly Liners

Packaging Solutions for Mother Earth

We have met the need by partnering with some of the top cold chain liner manufacturers in the United States and creating some of the most efficient, cost competitive liners on the market.


Some of Creative Packaging’s cold chain customers have expressed a need for a more environmentally sustainable solution.

Creative Packaging offers a variety of non-EPS, sustainable liner solutions for your cold chain needs.  Our liners protect your temperature-controlled payload in a way that other liners cannot offer.

Our two-piece thermal insulated liners can be made to custom fit almost any box size while also coming in various thicknesses depending on the application at hand. These liners are environmentally friendly, as they are made with recyclable plastics and/or biodegradable materials.

Our liners can hold temperature ranges for >48 hours (depending on the climate). They are rigorously tested using the ISTA 7E Summer and Winter profile tests.

Whether the payload be for Meal Kits, Perishables, or Life Sciences, Creative Packaging’s temperature-controlled liners will protect your product while maintaining the required internal temperature.