The Cold Chain Leader

Creative Packaging has been been a leader in cold chain packaging and logistics solutions for over 30 years. We have a deep understanding of the critical need for our clients to transport temperature sensitive products and perishables in a safe and timely manner. In addition to the innovative packaging products that we provide, the Creative Packaging team also delivers additional value added services through our Cold Chain Management Program. Our consultative approach to cold chain logistics and transportation helps our clients run their businesses more efficiently, and therefore, more profitably.

No Weak Links

There are no weak links in the Creative Packaging cold chain. In today’s dynamic marketplace, cold chain logistics management is more important than ever. Our services are widely used in the meal kit and pharmaceutical industries to transport products that are vital to the infrastructure of our country.

The Cold Chain Management Program


A Creative Approach

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Our team has the industry experience and insight to uncover the best solution based on your specific business needs. All pertinent factors and conditions will be taken in to account and in consideration as we develop your custom cold chain logistics plan, including your product’s characteristics and attributes, sales volumes and geographic footprint. We will proactively identify potential issues in regard to pre-packing preparations, packaging materials such as environmentally friendly gel packs and liners, or climate control disruptions during transit.

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Based on the quality standards and requirements set forth by federal regulators as well as our own stringent quality guidelines, Creative Packaging will produce the packaging materials needed to ensure that your products will arrive at their destination in an optimal condition. We have to capability to custom engineer packaging materials that will form fit to your ideal shipping parameters, ranging from molded EPS to branded biodegradable gel packs. Additional services such as temperature testing can be utilized to provide even more confidence in the Creative Packaging Cold Chain Management Program.

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Temperature Conditioning

This is literally where the rubber meets the road! Our cold storage partner network across the country allows for the most efficient and safest way to transport your temperature sensitive products. Furthermore, our manufacturing plants are strategically located to be within short driving distances to these facilities. These highly vetted operations work strong links in the Creative Packaging cold chain system.

The Creative Difference

  • Proprietary gel pack management software program (managed by Creative Packaging staff) designed to oversee the entire process from cradle-to-grave
  • Personalized CSR and Operational Team members designated to every account
  • Hand picked cold storage partners who understand how to properly freeze gel packs
  • Blast freezing available in all markets in cases of emergency
  • Custom designed film, extensively tested by Creative engineers, made just for gel packs to increase sealing and decrease punctures
  • Purposeful designed corrugated boxes to maintain gel pack shape and decrease freeze times
  • Off hours Customer Service Reps and Operational Team support for after-hour and weekend deliveries
  • Newest gel technology extending the life of the gel pack further than ever before

National Coverage

We are proudly servicing in locations all around the U.S.

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