BioDrain™ Gel Pack

A Unique Biodegradable Product

This is the first and only gel pack that can be disposed of down the sink and made with biodegradable compounds.  The gel pack is still >99% water and phase changes just like a traditional gel pack.

USDA Certified

Only BioPreferred Gel Pack on the market

Water Content

>99% water

Disposal Safety

Can be safely disposed of in garden/ yard


Comes in a variety sizes


More About BioDrain

BioDrain™ Gel Pack was developed in a different manner than other “drain-safe” gel packs. Made with water and biodegradable ingredients, we consider this to be the most eco-friendly drain-safe gel pack on the market. Independent testing conducted over multiple weeks of exposure has proven that the gel has no impact on PVC pipes, even when tested in elevated temperatures.  Using a BioDrain™ Gel Pack means millions of pounds of gel does not get thrown into a landfill and allows for the #4 PE film to be recycled.

This gel is made with FDA GRAS biodegradable chemicals, so it is non-toxic.

Weight Gel Packs / Case Gel Pack Size
8 Ounces 72 6″ x 7.125″
12 Ounces 48 6″ x 7.125″
16 Ounces 36 6″ x 7.125″
24 Ounces 24 6″ x 7.75″
32 Ounces 18 6″ x 10″
48 Ounces 12 8″ x 10″
64 Ounces 10 9″ x 12.75″
80 Ounces 8 9″ x 12.75″
96 Ounces 6 9.5″ x 15.25″
Don’t see your size? We can also create custom sizes!


Disposing of BioDrain™ Gel Pack

You can discard down your kitchen sink. Ensure gel is fully thawed and carefully cut it open. You will need to turn on your HOT water to wash gel down the drain. Turn on garbage disposal when washing contents down the sink. Once the gel has been discarded down the sink, throw away the #4 P.E sleeve in the regular trash or recycle it at many recycling centers across the country. Click here to learn more about disposing of our various products.

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