A traditional EIFS exterior wall is comprised of EPS foam, fiberglass mesh and a cement-like stucco material. The first step in creating an EIFS exterior is to attach a layer of EPS foam directly onto the sheathing of a house or commercial building. Then, a base-coat of cement is applied, followed by fiberglass mesh and a finish coat of cement. This type of system is called a face-sealed barrier EIFS. It resists water penetration at its outer surface.

Many builders like using EPS for Exterior Insulating and Finishing Systems (EIFS) because of its broad ease-of-use and pleasing cosmetic designs. In addition, the EPS helps to increase energy efficiency for the future owners. EPS used in EIFS helps to also make the structure water resistant.

Builders from across the country have used Creative Packaging’s EPS for their EIFS structures. In the past year alone, Creative Packaging EPS has been used to build many of largest retail centers in the Louisville-region.

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