Low Sweat gel packs are designed with a multi-layered film that wicks away moisture from the surface of the gel pack. By keeping the gel pack drier, products are able to arrive to their destination without any condensation. These have the same performance as PacTemp Creative ICE Gel Packs.

WeightGel Packs / CaseGel Pack Size
8 Ounces726″ x 7.125″
12 Ounces486″ x 7.125″
16 Ounces366″ x 7.125″
24 Ounces246″ x 7.75″
32 Ounces186″ x 10″
48 Ounces128″ x 10″
64 Ounces109″ x 12.75″
80 Ounces89″ x 12.75″
96 Ounces69.5″ x 15.25″
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