PacTemp Creative ICE Gel Pack is the ultimate in refrigerant cold packs for packaging and shipping of cold chain products. Their unique features include long lasting coldness, efficient transfer of energy, leak proof, reusable, variety of sizes, and very economical. Whether it’s temperature sensitive medication or at-home meal delivery food and produce, PacTemp Creative ICE Gel Packs provide an exact, consistent temperature within your shipping container.

PacTemp Creative ICE Gel Pack is a specially formulated, long lasting, viscous gel refrigerant that is made with non-toxic ingredients. Generally regarded as a safe substitute for ice, our gel packs are sealed in a heavy-duty, specifically designed film to keep perishable products at a constant and desirable temperature.

Reusable and non-toxic, PacTemp Creative ICE Gel Packs are a long lasting and economical alternative to ice. When used in conjunction with suitable insulated containers, PacTemp Creative ICE Gel Packs can significantly extend shipping times of perishable products by up to 72 hours. 

Our Cold Chain Supply specialists are available to help develop or assist in creating the perfect combination of shipping container and Creative ICE Gel pack to meet your special project needs.

WeightGel Packs / CaseGel Pack Size
8 Ounces726″ x 7.125″
12 Ounces486″ x 7.125″
16 Ounces366″ x 7.125″
24 Ounces246″ x 7.75″
32 Ounces186″ x 10″
48 Ounces128″ x 10″
64 Ounces109″ x 12.75″
80 Ounces89″ x 12.75″
96 Ounces69.5″ x 15.25″
Don’t see your size? We can also create custom sizes!

Disposing of PacTemp / Traditional SAP Gel Pack

We use a safe, non-toxic mixture to make the “gel” in the gel pack. To dispose and recycle gel packs, let the gel pack to fully thaw and then carefully cut it open. Allow the liquid gel content to flow into a trash receptacle. Then throw away the #4 sleeve in the regular trash or recycle it at many recycling centers across the country.

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