Creative Packaging manufactures custom boxes and scored sheets. We offer a full range of custom sizes, types, styles, and print. In addition, we can manufacture single wall, double wall, triple wall and heavy duty laminated constructed boxes. We service many markets including the food and beverage, consumer products, industrial and automotive industries. We can support small or large run quantities throughout a five state region. Our corrugated capabilities span the full spectrum of packaging possibilities. With a wide range of manufacturing and special services, we deliver packaging solutions for each unique opportunity.

Traditional Stock Boxes

Creative Packaging can help customers with their Traditional Stock Box needs. We offer a wide variety of boxes, which can be discounted as volume is increased. This selection of boxes at competitive prices is what has made Creative Packaging a leader in Traditional Stock Boxes manufacturing. These boxes are used across almost all industries for storage and shipping.

Custom Boxes

Creative Packaging can create a wide-array of boxes. Many of our customers need a custom box to satisfy their needs. Creative Packaging turns those ideas into reality by offering custom labeling and print for any size box needed. We offer all of our custom boxes in kraft or white. Whether it is white or kraft, our custom boxes can be made from single wall corrugated, double wall corrugated, or even triple wall corrugated for the strongest and longest-lasting box on the market.

By utilizing our Stock Sheet Inventory Program, customers can receive a custom style box of significant value of the cost. Call us today.

Custom Label Boxes

Another type of box that many customers request is a Custom Label Box. These boxes utilize a custom or traditional box with a custom label that is applied to the box. Like the custom printed boxes, many customers use these boxes to showcase their name, logo, and product information. Customers who require Custom Label Boxes are those that need a sleeker shell with more dynamic colors. Many of these products end up on selves of retail stores or are directly shipped to the end-user.

Lithography produces photo-quality printing. In this process, we can print your high-resolution graphics directly to paper and then mount that paper to corrugated board. This process is needed when very high-quality printing is required.

Custom Corrugated Pads

Pads protect many different types of products by providing layers and separating items. Creative Packaging can make small, medium, and large corrugated pads for many different uses. Pads are available in single wall, double wall, and triple wall. In addition, they can be in kraft or white.

Custom Pre-Printed Boxes

Many medium to high volume customers contact Creative Packaging looking for high quality graphics for a particular box.  A great option is the pre-printed box.  Pre-printed boxes allow for a high quality picture, logo, or message to be printed on the outside of the carton.

Pre-printed boxes are similar to the Direct Printed boxes in that the customer’s graphics are printed using a Flexographic printing press.  With pre-printing, however, the graphics are printed directly on a linerboard prior to being combined with the corrugate.  Pre-printed boxes are perfect for medium to high volume customers needing high-quality printing for boxes that are many times heading to big box retailers.

Pre-printed boxes can have 1-8 colors plus varnish and are available in kraft and white.

Custom Direct Printed Boxes

Creative Packaging specializes in working with customers to determine exactly what needs to be printed on a requested box. This can range from a company’s name and logo to a picture of the product. Some customers need more than just the company name or logo on the box. They want a solution that can go to retail stores with a box that has print throughout. Creative Packaging can provide direct printing to allow for a wide variety of colors to be printed directly upon the box without the need of a label. The direct printing process is many times more value added alternative to the custom label process, and much faster. Many of these products end up on selves of retail stores or are directly shipped to the end-user.

Direct Printing is the most basic form of box printing, with 1-5 colors available. This process is perfect for your logo or simple art. This is the most commonly used process for printing on shipping boxes. This type of printing places the artwork directly on the corrugated board.  Direct printing is available in kraft or white.

Custom Die Cut Boxes

Creative Packaging can create a variety of custom Die Cut Boxes. Unlike a Traditional Stock Box, the custom Die Cut Box uses a special tool called a cutting die. This tool “stamps” out the custom design of the box needed by the customer. Creative Packaging offers flat bed, full and inline rotary die cuts in any shape or size. In addition, a new cutting die can be ordered to the suit the customer’s needs.

Die cutting is a special technique employed in crafting complicated shapes and designs. Flatbed or rotary press is used for die cutting corrugated fiberboard. Corrugated die cutting creates a one-piece design that can be folded flat and then formed to create a sturdy, durable carton.

Die cut corrugated boxes from Creative Packaging are strong, versatile packaging options that can be used to ship and store a wide variety of items. At Creative Packaging, we have the technology, backed by a talented team of design experts, to customize die-cut corrugated boxes that meet specific product and packaging needs.

Die cut boxes are used for packaging a variety of items. These boxes can be produced in any size and shape and, therefore, can be customized according to personal and professional specifications.

Custom Protective Packaging Boxes

Many customers need boxes that can be customized for their specific cargo. Creative Packaging specializes in this solution. Customers can pick any type of box needed, and then Creative Packaging can custom cut EPS to protect the customer’s product. The packaging is delivered to the customer with all components glued, pre-folded, heat-sealed, or positioned. This allows the customer to drop the final product in the package and ship it out.

Packaging Partitions

Packaging Box Partitions are utilized to separate layers and protect products inside boxes. Using a partition allows for the product to remain stable and protected while in transit. Partitions are available in plain or printed.

Corrugated Bin Boxes

Creative Packaging can create various types of custom bin boxes (in both white and kraft) for customers. These boxes are easy to assemble, shipped flat and ideal for maximizing shelf space at retail stores or in warehouses. They are also great for shipping smaller products. Creative Packaging offers both Open Top Bin Boxes and Stackable Bin Boxes.

These handy, cardboard bin boxes have a thousand and one uses. Cardboard boxes keep small parts easily visible and accessible. Cardboard parts bins are constructed of heavy test white faced corrugated fiberboard. Fiberboard shelf bins fit all standard shelving. Features inventory control card to maintaining simple supplies storage.

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