Cold Chain Management Program

After 30-plus years of experience in cold chain packaging and logistics solutions, we have a better understanding of the critical need for our clients to transport temperature-sensitive products and perishables in a safe and timely manner. Along with that, we also have innovative packaging products to better support our customers for all their needs, all while giving top-notch customer service every step of the way.

So, what’s made us experts in cold chain packaging and logistics solutions the last few decades? Our Cold Chain Management Program.

We begin with extensive planning. Our team of industry experts uncovers the best solutions based on our customer’s specific needs. All factors and conditions are carefully taken into account as Creative develops a custom cold chain logistics plan. We even go as far as identifying potential issues in regard to pre-packaging preparations, packaging materials, climate conditions while in transport, and more.

We then move to the manufacturing of the customer’s products. Based on the quality standards and requirements set forth by federal regulators as well as our own quality guidelines. Creative Packaging has the capability to custom engineer packaging materials to fit any project. We also offer additional services such as temperature testing that can be utilized by our customers to provide even more confidence in our Cold Chain Management Program.

Our Cold Chain Management Program ends with temperature conditioning. While working with an abundance of cold storage partners strategically located all over the United States, we are able to transport our customer’s products efficiently and safely to our cold storage partners within a short driving distance.

So, what’s the difference between us and our competitors?

The Creative Difference is made up of proprietary gel pack management software, managed by Creative Packaging staff. Personalized CSR that are available for after-hour support to every account, while also offering after-hour and weekend deliveries. Hand-picked cold storage partners who truly understand how to properly freeze gel packs. Custom-designed film and purposeful designed corrugated boxes to maintain gel pack shape and decrease freeze times. Lastly, the newest gel pack technology extends the life of the gel pack further than before.

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