Insulated Box Liners- How Creative Can Help

Shipping temperature-sensitive materials like pharmaceuticals or meal kits require a special kind of shipping container and components. If your product has a temperature requirement, insulation is critical. What is the best way to ensure your shipping container temperature stays consistent during transit? Liners.

What are liners? Liners provide an extra protection shield against outside environmental features that could disrupt the integrity of the product inside like humidity, heat, or even sunlight. Cold-chain liners protect your product during transit while keeping it at its required temperature. Liners can come in many different forms while all executing the same job- keeping the inside contents temperature-controlled and safe.

Creative Packaging offers a variety of non-traditional, non-EPS, sustainable liner solutions for any cold chain needs. These liners are environmentally friendly, as they are made with recyclable plastics and/or biodegradable materials. Our two-piece thermal insulated liners can be made to custom fit almost any box size while also coming in various thicknesses depending on the application at hand.

Creative Packaging liners can hold temperature ranges for >48 hours (depending on the climate). They are rigorously tested using the ISTA 7E Summer and Winter profile tests. This 7-series test assesses the effects of outside temperature exposure on insulated shipping containers. ISTA creates standards for packaging equipment to ensure the safe transit of products inside.

Whether the shipment is for Meal Kits, Perishables, or Life Sciences, Creative Packaging’s temperature-controlled liners will protect your product while maintaining the required internal temperature.

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