Expanded Polystyrene at Creative Packaging

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, expanded polystyrene (EPS) has been difficult to find and obtain caused by massive global supply chain issues. The raw material shortage has affected many industries and businesses as they aren’t able to manufacture or meet their demand. More than 60% of manufacturers face the issue of resin shortages, according to AlixPartners survey data. This, however, does not apply to Creative Packaging. We are facing very few EPS shortage issues and are ready to jump on any EPS project!

EPS is a foam material formed by solid beads used to protect packaging and provide insulation. This product is an important factor when planning out a packaging project due to its ability to mold and fabricate to keep medicine, food, and other temperature products cold during transit. Its lightweight materials make this packaging product the lightest and most economical application.

Creative Packaging specializes in expanded polystyrene (EPS), which can be used in multiple packaging application projects. Its powerful design element is an ideal choice for green building design, offering substantial environmental advantages that can maximize energy efficiency, provide improved indoor environmental quality, and enhance durability.

Our EPS opportunities are endless, we have an adjustable EPS block mold that can provide the most efficient yielding blocks for any packaging project, especially any high-volume needs. We are able to manufacture EPS into any shape or size from 12’-18’. These blocks can be easily cut and fabricated to reach the needs of the specific application.

For lower volume projects, fabricated EPS is a tangible solution. With the use of our state-of-the-art CNC and precise wire cutting machines, Creative is able to easily cut and shape EPS as the project may require. This combination produces a fabricated EPS part with tolerances within 1/16”. This fabricated EPS foam system mimics a custom-molded part without the associated extra tooling costs. The applications can range from door cores, exterior insulating and finishing systems (EIFS), structural insulated panels materials (SIPs).

For any shape molded project in mind, we also offer shape molded EPS. This can be used for any products that require a protective shell or molded cooler. We are able to mold EPS into shapes using our Shape Press. We offer many different sizes, densities, volume, and wall thickness variations. 

Check out our EPS Molded page for more specific sizing opportunities.

The recycling of EPS is expected to create growth opportunities in the EPS market in the next few years until the market is able to catch up to its demand. Every year, we recycle between 2-4 million pounds of EPS. If you have clean, white EPS in the Kentucky region, and would like to recycle it, please contact us.