How Creative Packaging Can Help With Cold Chain Projects

The best way to prepare for a successful cold chain project is to follow a few simple steps, all of which Creative Packaging is excited to help!

Identify the project. This is the time to define the objective and determine your cold chain needs. Creative Packaging has been a leader in cold chain packaging for over 30 years. We have a better understanding of transporting temperature-sensitive products and perishables in a safe and timely manner. We are here to assist you with identifying what you will need to have a successful project.

Create a timeline. This will help everyone stay on track when progressing through the cold chain project. Understanding the timeline of your project helps communicate the order of the tasks in which they need to be completed. Luckily for you, Creative Packaging is the industry leader in cold chain solutions, so we know a thing or two when it comes to cold chain projects.

Distinguish potential risks and prepare a response plan. Consulting services are available to our customers to help develop and design the most economical solution for our customers. Our Cold Chain Specialists will assist in the development of your project. We help identify the exact product you will need to reach your specific project goal. Our Cold Chain specialists are also up to date with current industry temperature standards and profiles, so if you have any questions, just ask!

Create a prototype. Creative Packaging offers custom-designed solutions based on your cold chain project needs. We are happy to create samples for our customers based on their project needs. Depending upon the volume and product being shipped, our specialists will recommend the best product(s) needed to help accomplish your specific cold chain goal.

Test your project. Identify any problem areas. Creative Packaging has state-of-the-art software that provides thermal modeling of the performance of shipping containers. This software helps minimize the design and prototype costs while shortening the project timeline of design through validation. We also have a 64ft environmental simulation chamber. The chamber has a temperature range of -45° C to 190° C and a humidity range of 10%-98%, allowing it to simulate all nationally accepted temperature profiles or support a custom temperature profile, recording actual payload temperatures and providing accurate results of the tested packaging system.

Communicate testing reports. After each design test in the chamber, customers receive a laboratory report that contains the test protocol and charted results. The simulated product temperatures are recorded every five minutes throughout the test, allowing the customer to review the results. Following the successful design testing, if third-party validation is required, Creative Packaging has ongoing relationships with laboratories that provide quality and testing certifications. Lastly, we offer detailed pack-out instructions that ease in set-up and planning for internal process management. This includes the packing components, product placement, and packing configurations required to meet validation specifications.

Once you have met all goals and expectations you can begin manufacturing and getting those products out to your customers. Creative Packaging’s Cold Chain Management Program allows for quick response times, on-demand fulfillment & logistics support. Contact us today to begin your new cold chain project!