How to Plan Your 2022 Goals

With 2022 just beginning it’s important to begin planning out your goals for the next 12 months. Whether it be a personal lifestyle goal or a career goal, ensuring you’re following the right steps is critical in achieving your goal. Setting goals for yourself is extremely beneficial in your life, they help with staying focused, ending procrastination, learning how to achieve your goals & overall happiness effectively and efficiently.

But how do you get there?

First, think about an attainable and relevant goal you’d like to reach. Think of something you want to achieve that is positive and purposeful otherwise, it might be pointless. You want to feel challenged but not impossible. Planning a goal that is relevant in your life will be more beneficial than planning one that isn’t realistic. You also need to think about what will continue to motivate you throughout the process and the planning of your goal.

Write it down. Writing it down makes it real! Writing your goals out also allows you to plan the steps you will need to take to achieve these goals in your specific timeframe. This is a great time to plan each step in a respected timeline to keep yourself on track with the completion of your goal. You can keep these on your phone, make a poster for home or even hang it at work. Wherever you can see it as well as to measure how you’re doing.

Share your goal or goals with friends, co-workers, family, whoever! Sharing your goals with others allows you to stay committed. You can also treat sharing your goals as a way to keep yourself and your friends accountable. Knowing that others are also in the process of achieving a goal increases you to stay on track tremendously. This is also a great way to ask for advice or help. Depending on your goal someone may be able to help guide or assist you along the way.

In order to stay on schedule with your goals, you have to be accountable. Being accountable can be difficult at times but staying on top of your goals and steps you have put in place, written down, and shared with others will increase the achievement. Eliminate distractions and remove behaviors that may be negative or unproductive to your goals. Staying accountable is important to recognize in the process because it will allow you to plan a way to fix these distractions to ensure they don’t pop up in the future, creating better habits.

Remember to trust the process, stay motivated, and don’t be afraid to mess up on the road to your goals. Not everything will go as planned and that’s okay. It’s important to remember why you set your goal and get right back at it. Goal setting is a great way to hold yourself accountable as well as a continuum of self-improvement.