Last Friday, our Creative Packaging team took advantage of our production being shut down with our newly implemented re-training program for all warehouse positions. With our slower season approaching, we want to value all the time we can to better improve our safety habits around the warehouse. Our goal is to re-train all positions in the warehouse for both day and night shift.

We started this program with the re-training of the gel-pack packaging. This is the position everyone starts at in the warehouse- they take the gel-packs off the line, pack them into the appropriate boxes then transfer those boxes onto pallets to prepare for shipment to our customers. Our gel-pack packaging team were re-trained on machine maintenance, gel-pack quality testing, how to pack the gel-packs into the boxes and safe pallet packing.

Safety is amongst one of our top priorities here and we want to ensure our production workers are practicing safety compliance and their best practices for all positions.

Gel Packs