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Sustainability Starts Here

Everyday is Earth Day when you’re us here at Creative Packaging.

???? With our new USDA BioPreferred Certification, we consider our BioDrain™ Gel Pack to be the most eco-friendly & drain-safe gel pack on the market. Did we mention this gel pack is >99% water?!

???? Our BioDrain™ & PACTEMP / Traditional SAP Gel Pack sleeves can be recycled at ANY recycling center across the country.

???? By freezing gel packs in trays, in 2020 we saved approximately 50,000 kWh of energy in cold storages. This is equivalent to roughly 78,000 pounds of CO2 emissions OR the same amount of carbon sequestered by 46.2 acres of forest in one year.

???? Creative Packaging is an EPS recycling center! Through our ReCover | Recycle | ReUse program; we service a variety of sustainable industries through the USA.

???? Every year we recycle between 2-4 million pounds of EPS.

We are always working towards a more sustainable future. Let’s all take a step to invest in our planet on Earth Day.