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We’re Different Than The Rest

In a world of endless possibilities, customers might wonder- why Creative Packaging?

For the last 30-plus years, Creative Packaging has made it a point to provide top-of-the-line custom-designed solutions and products for numerous industries. Offering a wide range of high-performance packaging to meet our customers’ needs. Privately held and family-run, we take pride in our commitment to excellence and quality. Working as a team to assure superior customer service is available on all levels.

Growing and expanding our manufacturing locations over the last few years has allowed us to keep up with the higher volume of demand. We have carefully and strategically opened manufacturing locations that assist us in successful and quicker shipping times.

Our products are simply unmatched.

Whether it be the world’s first USDA BioPreferred BioDrain gel pack, our EPS product options, environmentally friendly liners, custom-corrugated boxes, or packaging products; Creative Packaging has it all.

Our gel packs offer the ultimate refrigerant and ice alternative. Long-lasting coldness, efficient transfer of energy, leak-resistant, reusable, and a variety of sizes are just a few of our unique features. Many of our customers use our gel packs for shipping medication or meal-kit deliveries. However, our gel packs are built to last, so the possibility of their use is endless.

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is another one of our many specialties. EPS is an economical material with multiple benefits in packaging applications. Creative Packaging has the ability to mold and fabricate EPS to keep medicine, food, and other temperature products cold during transit. With our adjustable length EPS block mold, we can provide precise shapes to protect the packaging components.

Creative Packaging has partnered with some of the top cold-chain liner manufacturers in the United States and creating some of the most efficient, cost-competitive liners on the market.

Our liners protect your temperature-controlled payload in a way other liners on the market cannot. These liners are rigorously tested using the ISTA 7E Summer and Winter profile tests to ensure we are providing the best options for liners.

Many customers use these liners for meal kits, perishables, or life sciences because of the temperature-controlled feature, protecting their products by maintaining the required internal temperature.

Manufacturing custom boxes and scored sheets- we offer a full range of custom sizes, types, styles, and print, single, double, or triple wall and heavy-duty laminated construction boxes. Along with these, Creative Packaging also offers custom label boxes, custom corrugated pads to provide layers and separating items, custom pre-printed boxes for high-quality graphics, packaging partitions, corrugated bin boxes, and more.

Lastly, if you need packaging products like tape, stretch film, banding straps, poly bags, kraft paper, or reinforcing sealing tape- Creative Packaging has it!