Why is Temperature Testing Important in any Cold Chain Project?

For over thirty years, Creative Packaging Company has been providing custom-designed solutions and products for various industries, including protective packaging, construction, pharmaceutical distribution and manufacturing, and other temperature-sensitive distribution markets such as the meal kit delivery service industry. We offer a wide range of high-performance packaging to meet all of our customers’ needs.

However, to produce top-of-the-line cold chain products for our customers, there is one crucial step: temperature testing.

Temperature testing is critical for any cold-chain project because if at any point the temperature drops during any step of the cold chain process, the quality of the said product could be diminished. This goes for meal kits or any pharmaceutical needs. Temperature testing provides accurate results to ensure the temperature standards for any cold chain project are met.

How does Creative Packaging practice temperature testing?

Creative employs state-of-the-art software that provides predictive thermal modeling of the performance of the cold-chain shipping container. This software can also help minimize the design and prototype costs during projects.

Our in-house Climatic Simulation Chamber is used to mimic a range of weather factors, including humidity, air pressure, snow, and temperature, just to name a few. This chamber allows any nationally accepted temperate to be simulated to create a customer temperature profile. During testing, there will be an extensive laboratory report that contains test protocols and their charted results, being recorded every five minutes. This allows the review of temperature performance to be as accurate as possible. Creative also has successful ongoing relationships with laboratories that can provide quality and testing certifications if necessary.

Following a successful temperature testing solution, Creative provides detailed pack-out instructions that make set-up and planning for the customer an easy experience. This detailed information identifies packing components needed, specific product placement, and in-depth packing configurations to meet the validation requirements for temperature standards.

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