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Women in the Workplace Spotlight

This week we would like to spotlight a few of our women at the management level.  Jeanne Keith, our Customer Relationship Manager, and Nicole Dickens, our Human Resources Manager, traveled to California to meet with Sokunpich Lina Chhun, our Oakland Site Manager for a time of networking and training.  These women have worked hard to help Creative Packaging grow and serve our customers well. 

Jeanne Keith has worked for Creative Packaging for the last six years.  When she started at Creative Packaging, she was working at the front desk as a receptionist.  She then moved into a customer service role and has since been promoted to Customer Relationship Manager.  She currently oversees the Sale Support-CSR team and works closely with Ryan Usher, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, to maintain close relationships with our customers and vendors. 

Sokunpich Lina Chhun started as a packer on the production floor almost three years ago.  Lina worked her way up from a ground floor position to become the Site Manager at our Oakland location.  She has become an invaluable part of the Creative team, leading 30+ employees over three shifts.  Lina can be described as nothing less than a Rockstar, having recently returned from maternity leave after having her third child, she tirelessly works to ensure our production needs are met.

“It is a privilege to work closely with these ladies who are inexplicably able to get things done exactly when you need it!” says, Nicole Dickens, the newest employee of the three.  Nicole, who started as Creative Packaging’s Human Resources Manager just under a year ago, came from a background in counseling.  You will often find Nicole welcoming new employees and working closely with production and administrative teams to create and implement policies that benefit our employees.